Implementing on E-Business solution that will fit in with your business objectives. Complete IT audit for implementation of an E-Business solution. Analysis, design and development of web based business applications. A highly integrated and flexible database design that supports your business functions and maintains high integrity of data. A fully secured strategy for web based applications, E-Payment solutions.


An iterative and incremental model for development as the technologies involved is new and often unproven. Speed of development, short development life cycles often marks a good solution along with strong testing strategy for web applications. Hands on expertise with Java, RAD Tools, Application development environments and Middleware tools including CORBA and DCOM. Xenon follows accepted development methodologies like Rational Rose and UML for its development efforts.


For quick turnaround on technical resources xenon uses existing team for more strategic purposes. Day to day tasks are achieved through the outsourced team. Service level agreements for uptiome on systems, improved Project Planning, Controlled cost effective solutions, Procell Change management are some of the key features in our consultancies.

  • Our Technical Consultants
  • Client Server Technologies including VB, VC++, C++, Developer 2000
  • Internet Technologies including Java, CORBA, ASP, VB, HTML, DCOM, Broadvision
  • Database Technologies including Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase
  • Operating systems administrators working on various flavors of UNIX and Windows NT
  • Networking Technologies with expertise on LAN and WAN administration.
  • Consulting

Custom Application Development and Outsourcing

Xenon creates customized solutions by using appropriate technologies and Implement systems on a fast track basis. We bring in newer technologies when major enhancements to existing systems are required. Improve functionalities of existing applications and Service maintenance requests on a priority basis. Large number of skilled people can be deployed to manage large requirements.

Innovative models of on-site, off-site and off-shore development environments for increased cost benefits Scalability of skilled resources in double quick time. Ensure all round quality of systems. Quick re-engineering to client server systems with enhanced functionalities internet enabling of systems. Redirection of resources for more strategic initiatives by using xenon’s expertise in maintaining of systems.

  • Custom Application Development & Outsourcing
    • Development
    • Re-Engineering
    • Maintenance
    • Managed IT Support
    • E-Commerce
  • Consulting Services
  • Productivity Enhancements
  • Outsourcing
  • Quality Management
  • Enterprise Application Services

Multimedia Services

Xenon has entered into a new sphere of multimedia infotainment. With its production house in India, xenon aims to reach the sky by providing the following services:

  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • Product Modeling
  • 3D Scanning, Digitizing and Rendering
  • Development of CBT’s / CD Titles
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Product Demos
  • Web Page Designing

GIS (Service Available Only in Xenon India)

Xenocom, a sister company of Xenon Company USA is in the market to provide solutions in the fields of Engineering and Geographical Information Systems.

Solutions in the field of Engineering:

1. CAD Customization

2. Design Automation

3. Digitization

4. Raster to Vector conversion

5. Computer Aided Drafting

6. Digital archival of Drawings and Documents

7. 3D Modeling

8. Engineering tools development

Highlights of GIS

1. Design, development and implementation of tailor made system

2. Cost effective solution

3. Solution based on Indian Environment

4. Multi lingual I/O

5. Industry standard architecture

6. Multiple platform portability

7. Prolonged service

GIS Solution

Xenon and its team are confident of their ability to develop your Geographical Information System as required by your specific needs. The system we deliver is tailor made and developed analyzing your requirements, existing practices, manpower resource, availability of hardware and software, etc. you need not get accustomed with the system, instead the system gets accustomed with you. As it is tailor made the system is absolutely to the point and has no irrelevant module(s) not required by you, leading to cost effectiveness. This feature is not available with the off-the-shelf software in the market as those are developed in more generalized forms. Just by buying a GIS software does not make the system. We at Xenocom give you the entire solution from concept to completion.

Our basic services:

1. Requirement analysis

2. Existing resource analysis

3. System analysis and design

4. Data entry and map validation

5. Map digitization

6. System development

7. Training of in house personnel

8. On site checking

9. After delivery support

10. Low cost solution

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